Apr 15, 2010

Easterly, Moyo, Sachs et al

The (dead) Aid debate shows no signs of abating, and there is an increasing number of diverse voices in the debate. This is definitely a good thing, and hopefully policy makers are paying attention. 

Bill Easterly's Aid Watch blog can be relied on to stimulate good debate because he's firebrand, and doesn't shy away from criticising well known aid agencies and proponents. I will admit he sometimes crosses line, and could probably spend more time making suggestions on fixing the system. With that said, I find his writings worth the read. 

Lindsay Whitfield from the Global Economic Governance programme also provides a welcome analysis in this discussion of aid. She calls for a fundamental change in the way we think about aid - we need to stop arguing in "for and against" terms, and start understanding development processes and the impediments. 

This is definitely not a topic with an easy solution but I believe we'll get there. I'll post some of my own thoughts a little later, but I encourage you to do some reading if this topic is of interest to you. 


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